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VeryFile will solve the current problem of tracking and storage of sensitive documents

Customized smart contracts will eliminate country borders and connect businesses worldwide.

Currently, it’s easy to duplicate or print documents and lose track of the hard copies. It is dangerous to transfer them through an unsecured cloud server if those are supposed to be confidential. In fact, the file transfers are no written or recorded, so there is no ability to punish and prevent fraudulent uses. VeryFile services will include tracking, storage, and monitoring of sensitive files and documents, data accessibility and payment risk. We aim to integrate our technology into existing companies, it will make businesses truly efficient, transparent and reliable. The blockchain's ledger technology enables people to trade at lower cost and at faster speed. Whether it is a crypto-trading platform or a sensible contract tool, blockchain keeps proving its immense future potential in financial trade. eToro is the most popular trading platform for trading forex, equities, commodities, and other digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Check out etoro erfahrungen 2021 blog to know about trading with cryptocurrencies.

Our Graphic User Interface

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage every document. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can enjoy our services.

If you want to implement smart contracts in your business, the solution relies on VeryFile; the company that knows how to deal with it. You will be able to use our customized smart contract network to automatize, track your tasks and have ubiquitous access through a friendly interface.


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Competitive Advantages

We are proud to introduce VeryFile, a blockchain-based system for managing sensitive documents and data. It will allow you to store files via a decentralized cloud storage and manage them using a simplified user-interface. It will guarantee an intuitive use and the ability to track any transfer, ownership, verification, and signature of customer documentation by means of a decentralized and encrypted ledger. In addition, a smart contract network will guarantee the possibility of automating the processes of creation, transfer of the files in question as well as complete corporate procedures and daily tasks.


We integrate blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each node and tracked storage of documents and data. Transparent and reliable


Smart contracts use software code to automate tasks that are typically accomplished manually. They can increase the speed of a wide variety of business processes.


An efficient and decentralized system cover all corners providing the best data security thanks to an immutable ledger.


VeryFile will not be in possession of the personal information of the user and will guarantee maximum privacy on every single document.


Minimum Viable Product

A blockchain-based MVP will be released with basic features of the future VeryFile system. It will be possible to upload, manage, track and monitor files with the help of the Ethereum blockchain between private user networks in addition to the automation of processes through smart contracts.


VeryFile will provide a user-friendly interface with tutorials and in future 2FA. The access encryption will provide maximum privacy and security for user’s accounts. Pseudo-anonymous data will be associated to an account and a dedicated section will allow the signature, the upload of new files and the monitoring of previously uploaded files, a history section will be available with all the details of creation, transaction and status of each file from the moment of its creation or upload.


Upload, manage, track and monitor files will be possible with the help of the Ethereum blockchain between private user networks in addition to the automation of processes through smart contracts. A personal profile and a wallet will be available to the users, in which they will be able to monitor and transfer VER tokens.


Entrepreneur, scientist and blockchain enthusiast. Former researcher in Philadelphia, he studied business at the Wharton Business School of Pennsylvania University. He brought his experience to Johnson & Johnson managing International sensitive documentation. He won a prize at the World Crypto Economic Forum 2018 of San Francisco (CA) and managed investments for more than 3M$ in >40 blockchain projects.
Graduated in Economics. Founder of Meeting Service, Italian National Provider for healthcare training since 2011. He strongly believes in Blockchain Technology. Crypto enthusiast. He recently attended a master's degree in Marketing, Communication and Digital Media at Sole 24Ore Business School in Milan.
Luca Mazzanti, an entrepreneur for over 20 years, now a director of more than 30 companies, an expert in taxation in Switzerland and in commercial development. Help entrepreneurs from business creation to market launch.
Marianantoni is Director at M accelerator in Los Angeles, California. Has over 15 years of experience in the Research and Development of interactive technology and interactive experiences. He is a former Senior Researcher for the NSF Future Internet Initiative at the University of California, Los Angeles, a program which had $7.9 million dollars in funding.
Winett has over 30 years of management and consulting experience in business growth, strategic planning, business development, and operational restructuring. He assisted in industry roll-up over 12 years from $0 to $1.4 Billion in annual revenues and increased the valuation of clients over 18 months from $4MM to $24MM.
IT Executive with over 15 years of managerial experience in Global Technology Services and an entrepreneur who built several successful small and medium size international businesses. Blockchain enthusiast since 2015, Alexander builds the Blockchain Practice and runs Global Operations at USEtech, a 250+ person Software Development company and advises a number of cutting edge blockchain projects. Having a MS in Engineering, and an MBA, as well as completing TGM Executive Education at INSEAD, Alexander started his IT career with FAME (now Sunguard) in New York, Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT), one of the largest Software Development companies to come out of Eastern Europe.
Over than 3 years in the blockchain industry, developed a communication strategy for NEO and Binance, participated in the development of complex technical solutions in both the public and private sectors. Expert in business planning and project management.
Marco is a Fintech and an intellectual property legal specialist with 20 years of experience as advisor for multinational real estate, insurance and telecommunication companies. Marco is founder and CEO at Archilex Consulting SA, a leading Intellectual Property Management and Fintech law consultancy company active in multiple international jurisdictions.
He is an experienced lawyer with over 15 years of experience in the field of IT and Intellectual Property Law. He is legal advisor for several ICO projects as well as for many companies in the FinTech and crypto field. Thomas advises clients from local companies to large multinationals.
Richard holds a degree in computer science and brings more than 15 years of experience in Business Development to the project. Richard is a Big Believer in Bitcoin and Blockchain and a Crypto Investor. He has an extensive experience in sales management roles at organizations including Nozomi Networks, Amazon Web Services and VASCO Data Security.
Despite his young age, Tasos has worked in several traditional market sectors with proven track record. Billateral organizations like Hellenic-German Chamber of commerce and industry, financial institutions such as Procredit bank, where as the logistics sector with Kuehne-Nagel. Having successfully participated in a number of ICOs and post ICOs. Tasos aims in turning the blockchain field into the new standard.
Chelsea is currently pursuing her J.D. in Chicago, Illinois. Her experience with blockchain includes working at a globally renowned international law firm in Moscow and an ICO consulting firm in Malta, focusing on cryptocurrency and ICO regulatory compliance. She also has extensive legal experience involving commercial transactional work and civil litigation.
A marketing expert with vast experience in various global-scale companies(LINE, SEGA, NHN Entertainment). And being an innovation and Blockchain enthusiast himself, Atichai has taken a role as marketing and community strategist for several ICO projects, engaging in investor relationship management, PR, media partnership, and community building.
Characterized by diligence, discipline, persistence and ambition to achieve every goal that is set. He applies all his personal characteristics to achieve the best possible outcome. Having worked in several ICOs, he has in-depth knowledge of the crypto ecosystem.
A psychology and computer science student with vast experience in the Blockchain and internet startup businesses. As a passionate writer, musician, and filmmaker, you can read him on Medium and several discussion forums thanks to successful experiences with previous ICOs. He complements his work with volunteering; he currently collaborates with several humanitarian causes.
Graduated in Aeronautical engineering. Currently attends university at Politecnico di Milano. He is also an education consultant. He works as a director of the community operation for Openchat Foundation. Crypto Enthusiast. A long-term believer of Blockchain and its uses.
A passioned nomad designer with over 10 years experience in design. Part of the new blockchain gold rush since 2013. I was a design mentor for several FinTech products in London. Worked in fields as AI, Robotics, FinTech, Blockchain and Design Studios. Passioned about new technologies, innovation, and designs.
Jens has been a freelance crypto journalist since 2017, both writing articles for various media and appearing on national Danish radio several times as a crypto expert. Jens has a background in law and has previously worked for the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow doing market research and marketing for the food & agriculture department. Jens also has great experience from creative sectors eg. working as a sound technician and event planner as well as having build a few businesses handling tourism and international trade.
For more than 10 years, Andrei has worked in web development, branding, advertising fields. It gives him an opportunity to follow projects from the idea to the final product. The deep knowledge in architectural education allows him to professionally develop high-quality graphics and closely see complex but beautiful models of user interaction with software. Andrei believes that software should not only be a useful partner, but also reliable.
Barbarossa has over 25 years of experience in the field. He is a professor at Sole 24ORE Business school in Milan and owner of some of Italy’s premier marketing companies. During his career, he has supported more than 2000 startups, as well as countless International companies. He has accumulated more than 13000 hours of teaching experience and is considered a world expert in digital marketing.
He is a persevering person who seeks constant learning for personal improvement. The dedication and passion for the things that he likes is something that sets him apart. He has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and commercial management promoting marketing strategies on social media, online advertising, and F2F marketing.


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